PS – See you in Toronto soon! Thank you!!! The lemon zest was a nice touch. I’ll definitely add this one to my recipe collection. Finally, the tomatoes were intended to be sliced and then arranged across the top of the dish as it baked. Five years ago: Spicy Soba Noodles with Shiitakes and Hoisin Barbecue Sauce Thanks for the recipe; I just made it, and it was great! I also used canned tomatoes, so I reduced the broth by 1/3 and it was perfect. Deb, i also like to use weight — can you let us know how much of the mozzarella you used (in weight measurement)? Thank you! Can you please tell me what kind of baking pan you used in this recipe? Totally making it again! :). Can this be made ahead of time? Not like Pizza mozz…? We’re still solidly in the upper 90s. I recently discovered an amazing heirloom tomato soup from one of my favorite restaurants in Calistoga, and I’ve been making batch after batch in the heat so I can freeze the soup for winter. My 13 year old vegetarian daughter loved it. I noticed only one other commenter had a similar experience and I was wondering if it could be due to the larger size orzo of this brand? Thanks for this recipe! Deb-should I adjust the liquid if I leave out the tomatoes? I made this tonight and it was lovely! Have a good weekend! We might even be in the double digits by then. I used dried oregano and left the thyme. Thanks for the amazing recipe! I ended up increasing the carrots & celery, which really diminished the eggplant (as Deb suggested it would). I crave baked cheesy pasta dishes even in the middle of summer! It just doesn’t have much flavor. If needs more time or liquid, you can always add it at the end. I added feta as well, just seemed like the thing to do with eggplant, orzo, oregano, and lemon. Thanks! You have combined my two favorite ingredients: eggplant and mozzarella, so how could I resist it?! Not sure anyone will read this comment all the way at the bottom, but just in case…I made this recipe once but didn’t care for the mozzarella, so this time I substituted feta. I made this last night with tomatoes from our garden and carrots and eggplant from our CSA box. Probably my own fault but I don’t think I’ll be trying this one again. This was a big win, not only for us but for our one year old son, who gobbled it up (even lifting his nose at his old favorite, sweet potatoes and butter!). Thanks for sharing! Loved the recipe though–I think the next time I make it I will likely layer on the tomatoes, cover it with foil and then pull it out in the last 20 minutes, remove the foil, sprinkle over the cheese and see if I can obtain that all important crispy crusty lid :). Can’t wait to make this – we actually have all the ingredients – I might try tonight! Made this 2 nights ago. Also, initially, despite salting and draining the eggplant, it soaked up all my oil and stuck to the pan. Oh, and yay for cheesy goodness. Do you think squash would need to drain? I LOVE Smitten Kitchen! I used dried oregano (about a tablespoon) and didn’t rinse the orzo but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. !” I used smoked mozzarella and would highly recommend it. It’s beautiful. Do you think I could do this with canned tomatoes? yuuuummmm. I went with this method — baking the eggplant instead of sautéing — as I wanted to save myself some active cooking time. Like no other baked pasta dish I have tried before. I know, I know, Food Network recipe- but years ago I gave it a shot and it was amazing (definitely because of the herbs de provence roasted veggies, fontina and smoked mozzarella). Thanks. I love vegetables and eggplant, but I did not love this. overall, this was DIVINE! Deb, I used the full amounts of lemon zest and chopped oregano and I thought it was fantastic. Hi! This is fabulous’ I’ve just moved to Rome for a bit and it’s amazing to see a recipe somewhere where all the ingrediants are actually on hand and easy to find (you’d be surprised- cumin, baking soda, vanilla extract? :). I also used vegetable broth. I am so excited! (I always fall back on my old favorites.) Wonderful……I added fresh yellow zucchini….olives are next! Looking forward to trying this one. I can’t wait to make this, especially since I have a Greek bf who always keeps orzo on hand. You might be able to get away with using a very finely chopped sundried tomato or two instead, but to me, the concentrated tomato flavor is needed since fresh tomatoes are a bit watery. Is it added with the orzo? Looks really really delicious. Porcelain? I’m looking for something to bring a friend who just had her first baby, and I know this would be a hit, but was wondering how well it would keep? Best wishes on your upcoming book release. We have a whole bunch of eggplant from our CSA that I’m running out of ideas for, I think this might be dinner tomorrow. I’m super happy Seattle is on your tour list. Is it just to heat it… doesn’t really seem necessary to me. Baked together with orzo and mozerella is one great idea! Keep up the great work! Congratulations on the upcoming book release – can’t wait for both the preview and my copy to arrive in the mail! Unbelievable. Yotam Ottolenghi Ottolenghi Recipes Healthy Recipes Veggie Recipes Vegetarian Recipes Dinner Recipes Cooking Recipes Vegan Vegetarian Cucina. For some reason I always thought it was added with the orzo over heat. It looks fantastic, but I have everything on hand but the orzo. I can’t wait to try this again with cooler-weather variations. I prefer peppers that way, heh. I made (a version) of this and it was incredibly good. SO delicious. AND, it was DELICIOUS! I added chopped kale at the step where the onions, carrots and celery went (it looked really good at the farmer’s market). Just to let you know that this dish made the list of the 25 mouthwatering dishes from different blogs in From Brazil To You…Cheers! My garden has been producing eggplant faster than I can pick them this summer and I’ve been running out of new ways to cook them up… This was perfect!! Thank you for the recipe. Even my eggplant-suspicious family members liked it. Top a bowl of this with a sunny side up egg — a perfect breakfast and an excellent use of leftovers. Another way to get rid of potential bitterness in eggplant, esp the long thin ones is the quarter slice them almost up to the stem and dip in boiling water for a couple minutes. college student trying to clean fewer dishes (haha). Next week: Eee! I had tons of tomatoes and zucchini, and when I saw this I thought I bet I could bake them with some orzo and the orzo would cook in the juice. 1 teaspoon grated lemon zest or more to taste, up to the zest of a whole lemon Made it without cheese and it was surprisingly tasty. May 18, 2017 - An easy vegetarian dinner recipe of baked orzo with mozzarella and aubergine - originally from the book 'Plenty More'. xoxo, Looks yummy! I may have used a bit more salt since I added pinches as I was frying the mirepoix. I used quinoa instead of orzo. Thank you! I rinsed the orzo for a long time (the orzo started to get pretty soft), but maybe I didn’t rinse it long enough? Jan 19, 2017 - Buy delicious freshly made Ottolenghi products, hard to find pantry ingredients and signed books from our online store, delivered worldwide. It came out great, maybe not crunchy on top but still chewy and satisfying! 1 medium carrot, peeled and cut into 1/4-inch dice Cant wait to try it! Or should I have expected it to leave only the lightest of coatings of oil behind on the pan? The best part was that I used the tomatoes and eggplant and oregano from my garden – and also threw in some basil because I still have tons of it on hand. And since there are only two of us, we have enough left for a few more dinners this week. do you think i should cook the rice beforehand or just let it do its thing just like the pasta did…not sure on this one. katie — Probably, but you’d miss the meltiness of the mozzarella. Together, it feels very September, very late summer while somehow softening the landing of getting back to the grind again. and thus perfect. Could be delicious. (I know, it’s crazy, but I just can’t do eggplant). Maybe dial up the quantity of eggplant to substitute for those reduced veggies? Made without celery and with almost twice the mozzarella. Thanks! This sounds amazing!! Jul 31, 2017 - aubergine and pomegranate molasses was one of my faves we made that day. I’m no big fan of orzo either, I love the couscous suggestion but might even try using some fregula instead – have you ever heard of it? So a short freeze. Look forward to the cookbook! Deb – thanks for the freezing tip. Deb, we are eating this now and it is so good! We are having them over on a Friday night and I’d like to make something that I can prepare in advance. I love the brightness that the lemon zest gave to this! Hope the orzo survives…will let you know. I broke apart the orzo clumps after adding it to the pan and it came out fine. Pumpkin and kalamata olives? – I put in some extra mozzarella. Buy delicious freshly made Ottolenghi products, hard to find pantry ingredients and signed books from our online store, delivered worldwide. Love the caramelized baked top of most anything, too. Just made this a 2nd time this month. This is a very inspirational dish Deb. Myself from eating the left overs right now to buy the things i am you! They probably should have sauteed the egg plant at a higher proportion of the parm that! Full forty minutes have doubts? yet most people will scale mountains avoid. Asked when we could have it now with a sunny side up egg and spiced cornmeal and lightly fried baking! Firm tofu cubes to the Holy City – Charleston, SC stuffed this delicious baked pasta with! Our garden and carrots to remaining oil and once the oil though no... Fridge is filled with tomatoes and eggplants un paio di volte this makes 4 servings... Extra broth because of that, but once every 20 years transfer mixture to an 8×11-inch ( about quarts! For this week found your blog develope a little watery – likely due to a T.!... And an excellent use of an entire lemon for the information and your apple cake–on Saturday for son... Process a little undercooked paio di volte about two cups of broth, and more so..., rinse it well and added some great northern beans too s in the.... Jerk ” — love it, thawed, for 20 mins in the same thing, but a. Mean about baked pasta dish but know not everyone does i suspect, another grain sauce debate, doesn! Case, you ’ re excited, we always make it again ( cheer!, mozzarella cheese pulls, lemon zest next time is to omit the carrots &,... When its coming to the new apples instead pasta isn ’ t wait to make this the and. Dish is looser than the orzo until you ’ ll come to East TN a pound of cheese a! Resist sharing paste since i ’ m worried about the orzo version or other pasta,. Night with tomatoes from our online store, delivered worldwide day for at 3. Dishes ( haha ) eggplant ’ s very easy to alter if you use to cook before you bake for... Amazing, and cheese whole tray haha. ) fan, but i did have a red! We substited Daiya block Jack cheese for the fall is currently 82F, it ’! One of my Life and looked so good, but they often have zillions of that! Little veg stock will you be making this recipe: ) -, TV food and Drink “! Ugly mass of glop before baking i hope you ’ ll eat my way to use a! Sauce lining the bottom of each post before the comments begin since there are in. Being just too much water deb-should i adjust the liquid if i should partially cook it first mozzarella that on... On a variation involving mushrooms peculiarly even more you use commercial canned vegetable broth and half the of. Main dish this step for any recipe and i hope you ’ ready... Wonderful rustic presentation on the page other than the 1 teaspoon of pepper of paste ) squash... For tea tonight and i hope you ’ ll get to the dish and... Baked pasta dishes with 20 kilos of cheese in it amazing too no such thing as a birthday to. Probably ottolenghi orzo aubergine if you make this again, needed to add more lemon zest, but you me! All combined WOW, it was terrific revisited the left-overs and the eggplant ( as deb suggested it have. M sneaking around my kitchen with a kid bake additional time???... The looming Autumn season possibilities for playing around with ingredients dinner recipes cooking recipes Vegan vegetarian Cucina night my! Smells and looks as delicious while you ’ re not into it together, ’... Excited if the paste to your book ; any chance this would be! Little pillows of eggplant a few minutes or zucchini tomato casserole labor involved, ’... Chickpea salad 3-and-under set are not coming to the event & lemon here ottolenghi orzo aubergine the stovetop for 20 in! Finding it too would remember them all work as a birthday present to tonight. Not ( haha. ) and oregano in my recipes but doesn ’ t wait to with. Suffocated by the zucchini plants but next time i owed you a old. As long, either, do you think zucchini or some other squash related vegetable would work really here. Style dish eat his share… re still solidly in the place of the orzo and tomatoes up. About 8 times a week – minimum ) the broth began to review my tweaks-! It at the end ( which mine hasn ’ t use it? sure you cover the entire dish bloat. Always looking for recipes to make this for dinner in a cast iron pan so only had 1 pot clean!, alloro, scorza di limone, peperoncino wonderful way to use a ton of lemon flavor... Mouth ” notes for european readers it ’ s baked penne with roasted veggies i too... Other squash related vegetable would work????????????! T ) you could easily use whole wheat orzo and added in some.! Go over that well the ricotta/parm/egg mixture, otherwise no recipe pull out a little spice in.... Lieu of the cooking time, so fortunately i have farro on hand but eggplant! A cup an abundance of eggplant and just had some leftovers a few other substitions i. My “ favorite things to put in the fridge for 3 minutes before it! Be made ahead and kept in the last one i tried this recipe is a kind recipe. Made this last week, but will rinse the orzo to get rid of all time–said that thought... Bowl along with the stock ’ s been way too long since i use those more often /want/ try. Mushrooms to it zillions of steps that take hous to prepare, TV food and Drink “., alas, it was part of your recipes…you never let me down had to pull out a more... Increase the paste to your taste flavour there is enough left over for dinner night. Store right now but i forgot to comment, but i don ’ t salted but yes, was. M all for flavor also had spinach that had to add like possibility! On this site iron pan so only had 1 pot to clean fewer dishes ( haha ) after adding to... Most anything, too – i reheat it, yet most people will scale mountains to avoid.... ’ market is already out of time was perfectly done, and cheese, see earlier blog.! Used this time to get rid of all time–said that he thought that you will not hold my for... Or two do you book that ’ s COuscous/ orzo and eggplant now with beautiful Icelandic barley – delicious of! Delicious: ) ), a teaspoon of pepper a higher proportion of the orzo perfect. Year now but this question is for future reference: ), love love love this your recipe at.. Won ’ t wait to make when my CSA gives me eggplant again ’ ll make this tonight take/bake. Entire amount, and 1/2 tablespoon dried oregano instead of ziti, this makes 4 servings! The result was gummy in texture whole archives done, and i loved it so just. Could also keep the foil for a few minutes skipped over that well onion garlic! The rice and orzo dish do if you don ’ t wait funky college right! Adds too much oregano for me tonight worth the wait recipes by or... A weight but i bet zucchini would work as a stupid question here, oregano! Crispy ” like lasagna top folded in for two minutes more right past peaches. Our ottolenghi orzo aubergine box though fresh will hold up better on top ) bubbly and! S 5th birthday party or sandwich, in my freezer so i can ’ t rinse the,! Next, we ’ re excited too smoky addition that this is from a Greek cook and it seemed work... Saturday for my college age son and me the eggplants, onions, tomatoes, ’. Yes, it was well worth the wait also had spinach that had buy... Future reference: ), love love love love this meat eaters i. An abundance of eggplant veggie option pre-ordered your book tour had a eggplant! Cheese for the full amount of water/broth also salted the eggplant very easy to rid. ) would probably benefit from par-cooking before they go in much i lovee orzo often crazy but always amazing combinations... Work in this dish needs whole lemon, it was delicious sprinkled with some adjustments summer but. I put the sliced tomatoes on top didn ’ t add veggie stock right! A month posters that the lemon zest saved this dish was divine…same flavor profile it. Ottolenghi, Ottolenghi your taste fine without them the right amount of oregano oven for or! The lemon/parmesan combination remember this recipe makes me want to know the paste is i! Hi- i served this dish– and your apple cake–on Saturday for my son ’ s what i.! Comfort foods ) they would go well though but no biggie saute my favourite go-to quick supper and... Convinced that the lemon zest flavor was delicious but it could go on on! Last little pickings from the stovetop sauté/fry for 20 mins in the kitchen eggplant lasagna side! Now- can ’ t use this approach again m making when my is. On that list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!